What happened?

The client contacted us via email during the normal working week to advise that a customer of theirs had mishandled a sunbed lid, and unfortunately, the weight of the lid when dropped, cracked the acrylics internal to the sunbed. Now the client as you can imagine was very upset given the costs of sunbeds, and especially when this one was almost brand new!

What did we do?

Once we established policy liability, we instructed the client to confirm the repair costs from their sunbed suppliers and presented this on behalf of the client along with proof of ownership, maintenance records for the sunbed, and images to support the claim. The organised file helped the insurance company to deal with the process almost straight away for the client. Organised presentations are key to every claim. The clearer you can be in the nature of the claim, and the losses you have suffered, the more quickly you can process the claim and receive payments.


Success, the client was paid out for the losses from the sunbed and the repairs, less the policy excess of £250.00. The client was very happy with the quick turnaround.


When dealing with claims that involve repairs, it is always best practice to have the repair costs agreed up front. We have seen a lot of small businesses rush to have repairs completed, but the costs were either overcharged by the repairers, or they did more than what was needed to be covered by the insurer within their bill, or the insurers themselves could secure the repair costs at a reduced rate. All of which leaves you the customer with the bill to settle with the repairer, and a potential uncertainty as to whether you will receive a payment at all.

It is best to say with claims, patience is a virtue.

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